Clean Up

 Welcome back Natural Health Family! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We at Natural Health are talking more about the summer and staying healthy during these months. During the weekend I did a lot of cleaning up. It always feels good when you are able to get things organized and straightened up. There are many aspects to cleaning so let’s talk about how it can help us in many areas of life. 

Did you ever hear back then when you were in school or college when preparing for exams that it helps when you have your living space cleaned and organized? It is because you won’t study well when there are other tasks to be done. When we think about having to clean up we may think of the dishes, taking out the garbage, vacuuming the carpets, doing the laundry, etc. These activities may be things we have to do on a certain timely basis. Then there are other jobs that we can do that helps to declutter what would help to open up space either at home or in other areas. It just feels good to have a nice clean environment. We feel more accomplished and we can concentrate on other duties better. 

We tend to think of cleaning living environments, but we may tend to forget to clean from within our bodies and minds. It’s important that we eat good foods and drink plenty of good clean water throughout the summer months. Our bodies function better when it is able to eliminate waste and toxins not needed in the body. We also have more energy throughout the day which helps us do certain tasks that need to be accomplished. We also can find time to wind down. This could be reading a book, watching a movie, walking, or finding time for peace or silence. Sometimes, especially in the world we live in today, we can have a tendency to overthink about all the little things in life and forget to slow down and breathe it all in. 

Our cleanliness is important to help maintain good health and energy. It can be a good idea to keep a routine or to make it more of a lifestyle. We may notice after a while that when our environment is more orderly we become more orderly in other areas of our lives and can focus on what we need or want to do. So I encourage you to find time whether it is a morning, afternoon, or even 20 minutes to tackle a cleaning project that you may have been putting off for a while.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip