Chiropractic Month

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed the beautiful weekend, especially the weather on Sunday. It is
getting colder so we can enjoy Fall but we know what comes afterwards. Were
still getting a lot of patients coming in with allergy symptoms due to all the
Fall pollens, the dry weather, and the dust and pollen spread around by the
harvesting activities. We have some great products that work towards helping
the body to drain all this mucus and things out of the body so that “allergy
symptoms” are alleviated. Enjoy the nice weather while you can.

month in our health shops, we are celebrating National Chiropractic Month and
hope that people will consider using an alternative healthcare modality that
actually works to get you healthy. Yes, you may need to use mainstream medicine
for emergencies. The unfortunate statistics show that the care of mainstream
medicine on degenerative disease is not good. The actual word for it is disease
management and their business model is that if you cure a patient, you have no
patient. Our goal at Natural Health is to find the underlying cause of the
problem, handle that, and the body helps itself towards being truly healthy and
preventing long-term degenerative disease. It’s a whole different paradigm in
healthcare. I think the covid business has helped people to realize that
relying on white coats for healthcare is not always the best way to go.
Preventing disease processes is just as important as trying to get over them.

article I’m sending along looks at the new law passed in California that
incriminates doctors whose opinions differ from that of the mainstream media or
public health department. They can lose their license easily. It’s unfortunate
this country has come to the point of all this censorship and totalitarian
control. Using a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare has never worked, and
doctors need the ability to make decisions based on the patient’s needs and
what the patient will accept as care. Making patients accept a certain approach
based on someone’s opinion miles away, or paid by big Pharma to promote a
certain treatment, is not what we need to be actually healthy. I think the more
information that comes out about this covid disaster will help patients to wake
up more and more.

enjoy this nice weather while it’s here because it won’t last. Hopefully we’ll
have a nice long Fall though, and then we can all get caught up on our chores
before Winter gets here. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark