Chiropractic Month


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another beautiful weekend and hope
you were able to get outside and see some of the great fall colors were seeing
in the trees now. We had a little rain sneak in on us that helped to knock some
of the dust and pollen out of the air. But there’s still plenty of fall pollens
and grain dust coming at us, so keep our product called Albizia Complex in
mind. It works very well to get the liver to drain the lymphatics and sinuses
without side effects of over-the-counter medications, actually good for you. We
use a lot of at this product this time of year until the farmers are done
harvesting and a few more good rains clean the air for us. You want to be able
to go outside and enjoy the nice weather before the snow flies. We are here to
help at Natural Health.

            October starts our Chiropractic
month and we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of Chiropractic.
Yes it’s been around for quite a while now, and we’ve seen thousands of
patients in our 38 years of practice. People that don’t use chiropractic for
one reason or another, are missing out on a great treatment option and
philosophy of health. If you know of anyone who would like information or a
demonstration of what we do with our chiropractic techniques, just let them
know that we do free consultations and would be happy to explain why
chiropractic is so beneficial on so many levels.

            The article I sent along today looks
at the causes for the mortality with this virus business. Did you know that
viruses don’t kill anybody? It’s the body’s immune system reaction that causes
the problem. Those that have trouble with a virus either have a low functioning
immune system or have an autoimmune response that causes all the trouble.
Either way the body is not working correctly and there are so many good ways of
helping to correct that. The article that I’ve included looks at some basic
problems people have with metabolic resistance and metabolic inflexibility.
This basically means that people are overweight and eating too much junk and
not able to absorb nutrients and digest proteins and fats correctly. Again,
just getting the body healthy and working correctly takes care of all these
problems and that’s what we do with our Nutrition Response Testing technique.
We are here to help anyone to beat this virus junk and get healthy and stay
that way. Mainstream medicine can’t do that. 

Please click here to read article from Dr. Mark

Patient Testimony: Before: Could not walk upright. Could not sleep. Stress with
family that has been a 3-year process was starting to take a physical toll as

Now: First, I walked out of 1st visit upright.
Still tender but under my own power. By 3rd visit, the back pain was
almost gone. The biggest difference though is the fact that I can sleep, and
stress is not the big issue it once was. This is just 3 visits and less that a
week. – 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
Live Well

 -Dr. Mark

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