Chiropractic History

Hello all of the Natural Health Family. I first wanted to start off my blog talking about where chiropractic came from. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away… Haha who doesn’t like a joke. Let’s start again. 

Chiropractic first started Davenport, Iowa during the year 1895. This was a time when they didn’t have Super Bowl Sundays, no big flat screen TVs, no Facebook, no Instagram, no cell phones. You might wonder how we ever managed to get by? Well I guess we managed enough to enjoy the little things and to live in the simpler times.

Nonetheless, at that time there was a man named D.D. Palmer. He was a great bearded fellow who was interested in the healing arts of past times. He was focused on magnetic healing at the time (another topic for another blog perhaps). He was a curious man always searching for better ways to help out the common lad. One day he was assessing and helping a man named Harvey Lilard. However, on that day, during his assessment he noticed a slight bump on the other man’s back. Being a curious fellow, he ventured to inquire that this bump must be a bone that was out of the proper position. He then asked the other lad if it was ok for him if he could help realign what seemed to be something that was out of alignment. The other gentleman said “of course.” So, using a mallet (these were different times back then ha) he struck the “bump” and appeared to put the bone back in the correct place. The man came up off the bench and immediately was aware that most of his hearing came back that he had lost many years previously. This was the birth of a revolutionary idea that DD Palmer had discovered.

After the incident he was able to get many results caring for many others that had many different illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, to name a few. He would later, with the help of a friend, come up with the name Chiropractic. This was known as the revolutionary form of care that was helping many others find results related to all sorts of illnesses. Then in 1897, DD founded the first school of chiropractic which was named Palmer College. 

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There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause.
– DD Palmer

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