Celebration Week Is Here!


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

the weekend was okay. We had some sunshine and got rid of most of the snow that
we got on Thursday again. It looks like this week will be warmer in general and
hope they were getting past the very cold temperatures. I did hear some tree
frogs croaking yesterday so they have to see through ice thrice before all the
below freezing temperatures are over, at least that’s what the old wives tales
say. I really like this time of year because there is so much anticipation of
good weather and we can really see it coming as the days get longer. Hope the
time change hasn’t messed up your sleeping habits much, but if so, just take
more Cataplex G.

the month of March were talking about Diet and this week in our health shop,
were talking about Stomach and Bowel problems. It should be a very interesting
health shop and that will be live on Monday night and then recorded on Brighteon.com
and YouTube. At least 50% of the people that come into the office at Natural
Health have digestive problems. The good news is, it’s usually fairly easy to
fix, and of course, that’s what we do here at Natural Health-find the
underlying problem and not covered it up with medication.

don’t forget that this week is our 40th anniversary on Tuesday, and
we’ll have specials and taste testing’s every day of the week so please stop by
if you get a chance. Bring along a friend or someone who hasn’t been to the
office before and we can explain what we do here to help patients get actually
healthy. I think many people are waking up after this covid bonanza and see
that they need to work on being actually healthy and not waiting for the
government to bail them out of some disease process. Take responsibility for
your own health and let Natural Health guide you to a healthier future.

                The article
I’m sending along looks again at the opioid epidemic and how this is still
going on. Mainstream medicine is still trying to get people to cover up
symptoms rather than find the underlying cause and fix it. Don’t get me wrong,
medication is important in the short term but is not nutrition and does not
help the problem get better. On the contrary, most medications are hard on the
liver and kidneys and then damaging those, make the underlying problem worse. A
good example is people that are on high blood pressure medication for long
periods of time usually end up with a weakened heart and congestive heart

                Have a
great week and please stop by the office if you get a chance and help us
celebrate our 40th anniversary. Where did the time go! 

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Get Healthy,
Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark