Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend that I hope you were able to enjoy. We had a big family
reunion that was held off for two years because of the covid stuff. It was
great to see everyone and catch up on the stories of our relatives over the
years and such a beautiful weather weekend. I hope that you were able to get
outside and enjoy the fresh air and notice how everything has greened back up
now since we’ve had all the rain. It almost looks like spring again, especially
with the crops growing so well now.

forget about our health shops that we do live on Monday night at 6:15 on
Instagram and Facebook and then we will post it to YouTube and
afterwards. This month were talking about Summer Fun and this week were talking
about Breathing and why people sometimes forget how to breathe, which almost
seems funny, but it makes for more anxiety and less ability to think clearly.
Should be a very interesting health shop.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at how mushrooms have certain
nutrients in them that help with cognitive function. The real point is that
there are lots of good foods out there that if raised on good soils, have many
nutrients in them to help our bodies be healthy. What we see here at Natural
Health, is that many people have digestion problems or gut issues that don’t
allow them to absorb the good nutrition or digest foods that they eat. It’s
important to know that many of the processed foods are easier to digest because
they have no nutrients in them, most of them being refined carbohydrates that
the body can easily absorb. This leads to a lot of weight gain and insulin
level instability in the bloodstream. We try to get patients to stay away from
processed foods and mostly consume whole foods raised organically. Just like
putting diesel fuel into a gas engine, eating lots of junk food with all kind
of chemicals and preservatives doesn’t work well for our bodies either with the
end result being a breakdown of the “motor”. This is why we have so many
problems with degenerative diseases in this country. At Natural Health, we help
to teach our patients what foods are actually good for them and make sure they
can digest these good foods well. 

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