Body Functions

Good morning, good evening or good whatever time you might be reading this. Today I wanted to talk to you about what causes the body not to function properly. All stress on the body comes from three different categories: traumas, toxins, thoughts. Some stress in these areas is not bad and your body can learn to adapt to the stress. However, no living thing can survive in chronic or long term states of stress. This is important to understand because if we don’t de-stress then we can become sick or have a lack of proper function causing the body to break down. 

Now what do i mean by traumas, toxins and thoughts? The trauma aspect is related to different things that you may happen in your life such as a fall, a stumble, poor posture, improper lifting, and other physical things that could damage the tissue of the body. 

By toxins I am relating to any toxic overload the body can be experiencing. This can come from the toxins in the environment such as the air. This also relates to diet, eating too much foods that are high in sugar can overload the body’s systems causing illness. Consuming too many foods that are not grown naturally such as processed foods can cause problems of the digestive system. This may further  lead to many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, ulcerative colitis, IBS and fatty liver disease, to name a few. Toxin overload can also come from technology and overuse of computers, TVs, and other electronics. Too much use of electronics can throw off the body’s own energy causing health issues. Important to get outside, get some sunshine, and enjoy anything found in nature. 

The one aspect that is very often overlooked, but is very important, is thoughts and emotions. Many people know that they can experience strong feelings just by thinking about something that happened in the past or thinking about the future. The brain does not know the difference from either physically experiencing something or by just thinking about it. This is why it is very important to be aware of any negative thoughts that you might be experiencing throughout the day.  

Chiropractic works by adjusting the spine which helps the brain reset. With too much stress the brain can “short circuit” which causes the body to function less than optimal. When there is proper communication between the brain and the body through the nervous system the body has the ability to self heal and self regulate allowing you to live healthy and happy. Thanks for reading!

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