Atrial Fibrillation and Hydration

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend and were grateful for the rain that we have
gotten. Looks like there was a little hail in there but it didn’t amount to
much. I was traveling over the weekend and was in Florida for a nutrition
seminar, and learned a lot. Most of the information was on how to help the
office to run smoother and so will try to implement these suggestions over time
to make your visits even easier and quicker. We may even send out a survey, or
two, to get your feedback on how we do things here at Natural Health and how we
can make them better for you. We returned from Florida at the Belleville
airport near St. Louis and things are greener there. I’m hoping that this rain
that we got this weekend, will help to green up a lot of the brown grass and
countryside and start looking more like it should this time of year. Hopefully,
the farmers can take a breath now and we will start getting normal rainfall.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at recognizing Atrial
Fibrillation and some suggestions to help with it. We take care of many
patients with this condition here at Natural Health, and it really isn’t that
hard to do. One of the big things that the article talks about is getting the
blood thinner so that it’s easier to pump and leads to less clotting. A very
simple way to help this is to hydrate the body correctly. The medics want to
push medication to thin the blood but the way it does this is by destroying
blood cells and that’s a very poor way to help the actual health the body. We
thin the blood by getting the person to drink at least half of their body
weight in ounces of water per day, and using around a level teaspoon of sea
salt or mineral salt per day to keep their body hydrated. Most folks are under
the false assumption that drinking lots of water is all you have to worry about
and that is not true. You need the electrolytes, which is just a fancy name for
salt, to be there as well to allow the body to put the water where it needs it.
Good hydration is one of those very simple things that escapes most people,
especially the medical folk. And a reminder is that if you do get dehydrated
and end up in the hospital, you will get an IV of saline solution, which is
salt and water.

                We are
going through some transitions with our health shops and patient education
workshops. It seems like during their covid years, people got used to not
leaving their houses in the evening and were having a hard time getting anyone
to show up in person. We’re thinking about going back to the online
presentations and adding some extra videos to our website so that people can
understand what we do here and how it works. We will let you know in the coming
weeks how this is going to work. We definitely appreciate the feedback that we
get from those who have watched our videos and we look forward to getting more
information out there that is factual and that actually works to help people be
healthy. We are not advertising for treatments, but just trying to get factual
health information to those that want to be healthy and well. 

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