What is Lupus?
            Lupus is a collection of conditions
in which the immune system appears to react against tissues throughout the
body. This leads to inflammation in these tissues which further leads to lack
of function and integrity in these inflamed areas. The medical approach is to
use drugs to suppress the immune system, leading to a whole new list of
problems. In the natural health world, we look at the underlying causes of why
this immune system is not working properly. These causes can include food
allergies with leaky gut, heavy metal toxicity from many sources, chronic
infection with concomitant overuse of antibiotics, EM F toxicity, and usually
involve the spleen and liver. Genetic factors can be involved but the diet and
lifestyle may be the driving issue behind the genetic factors. You’re looking
at an immune system gone awry and for true health to be restored, the
underlying causative factors must be discovered.

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